I had the honour of visiting the Maulana Azad International School and it is amazing that in a short span of time this school building was constructed and this will surely definitely help the people of Seemanchal, especially the Muslims to educate their children in this school.

Muslims require more such schools in Seemanchal region, which is the most backward region in the whole of Bihar.

My Duas for the success of this school, may this become an important place of learning

Asaduddin Owaisi

Member of Parliament, President of AIMIM

Dear Sheikh Mohammad Rizwan Salafi –  May Allah protect you and bless you.

Assalamu Alikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Hope you are well,

It was a great pleasure to visit your institution, the good performance of your institutions, your good manners and your extravagant banquet left a loving and positive impression on the mind. The activities of your organization are commendable; the hard work of the teachers and your all-round supervision and day-night hard work will be less appreciated if I try to appreciate much.

I had some observations in mind, but I stopped to send them keeping in mind that that the easiest is to give an opinion and the most difficult is to walk on the thorny path that you are doing, but in the end your sincerity and goodness on this concern The power of morality prevailed me and it forced the fingers to move as they typed the observations running through the mind with this enthusiasm:

دل سے جو بات نكلتی ہے اثر ركھتی ہے

پر نہیں قوت پرواز مگر ركھتی ہے

These observations are based on pure sincerity because I consider it my own institution as yours.

It would be a pleasure for me if any of these opinions were accepted.

  1. About school:

1- The Arabic language should be included in the curriculum in such a way that the children can understand the Qur’an up to the tenth grade.

2- The practice of tajweed and recitation should be done in such a way that the children up to the fifth grade start reciting the Qur’an according to tajweed.

3- Organized syllabus of Islamic studies should be included in the syllabus. In which should also be included the answers to the objections raised against Islam.

4- Special attention should be paid to communication skills and English language so that the child is able to speak English fluently, special environment should be created for it and full use of modern technology should be made.

5- Occasional programs should be set up for the orientation of teachers and the various educationists of India who are working in the field of education and in the field of school should be utilized.

6- Some branches of the school should be established in the area or its franchise should be given, where children up to the third grade come here after getting education, this will increase the number of children and more children can benefit from the school.

  1. About Jamia Khadijatul Kubra

1- The modern style should be adopted in the teaching of Arabic language. And there should be special training for the teachers who teach Arabic language.

2- Attention should be paid to inculcating in the girls the ability to understand the Qur’an so that they will be able to understand it till graduation.

3- Teaching Aqeedah and Fiqh to the girls in such a way that even the weakest of the weakest girls become aware of important jurisprudential issues and issues of important Aqeedah and do not lag behind anyone in preaching the correct Aqeedah and thought in the area.

  1. Advice for Future

As getting Jamia Khadijatul Kubra and Maulana Azad International School the rapid growth, it would be appropriate to include two important objectives:

1- Establishment of B.Ed College, so that it can become a source of permanent income for the institution in future.

2- Establishment of a nursing home and nursing college so that paramedical courses for girls and boys of the nation can be provided in a religious environment along with proper treatment at low cost.

This is a need of the area and it will also benefit the institution. ۔

May Allaah accept your efforts and struggle day and night and make it a means of increasing your good deeds. Aameen.

Dr. Zillur Rahman Taimi

Dr. Zillur Rahman Taimi, Makkatul Mukarramah

Today on 2nd February 2016 had a visit to Maulana Azad international school, I pleased to see the administration, aims and objectives of the school which is run under the supervision of talented Islamic scholar Mohammad Rizwan Salafi.

I pray to Allah to develop it day by day. Aameen

Haji Abdus Subhan

MLA, Baisi, Bihar

I, Lalit Kumar former district councilor Kisangani, State general secretary Bihar youth Congress would like to pray for the development of school and it progresses everyday and would like to wish the director of Maulana Azad international school Mohammad Rizwan selafi from the deep of my heart for the great initiative in the field of education

Lalit Kumar

Former district councillor , Kishanganj Bihar

I am thankful to Sheikh Rizwan Madni for whose sincere efforts, I could chance to pay a visit to Maulana Azad International School, Dangraghat, katihar ,Bihar.

I had heard of this school, but I had not seen it personally, so my opinion was also so – so like other commercial schools. But a visit to this institution has changed my mind set. Maulana Azad International school is located by the side of N.H- 31 in a sprawling area, all lush green and well equipped with the basic amenities. The school in short span of time has raised an infrastructure which is more than sufficient, even for a CBSE, high school.

The set of teachers, sincerity of the management and the predicament of the educational need in the back-ward area all provide everything positive for this school / and a large number of young kids have been getting educated in a healthy and hygienic, Islamic environment. I hope and believe that in near future Maulana Azad International School will emerge as the best school by catering to the need of the larger mass. May Allah prove it a beacon- light of education in the area and the management may get strength and support from all and sundry

Prof. Rustam Ali Khan Rahi

Distt. Correspondent Hindustani Times, Kishanganj Bihar

In the name of Allah

It gives me immense pleasure to visit Maulana Azad international school Dangraghat run by Shaikh Rizwan salafi.

I do feel happy to see this school and its teachers and students. I interacted with the students, went to their classes and checked their capability. It was an amazing experience. I do pray Allah to grant them courage and success.

It was an honour to listen to different programs of the students and share my ideas with them. This type of school is need of hour. All positive thinking people should corporate and assist in this great mission of modern education in Islamic atmosphere.

May Allah reward the director sahab and his team the best

Sanaullah Sadique Taimi

Simultaneous interpreter at haram, makkatul mukarramah. KSA


N.H.31, Azad Nagar, (Kathalbari) Dangraghat, P.O. Kirora, P.S. Balrampur, Dist. Katihar, Bihar, India, PIN-854317






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