Disciplinary Action

A student may be subjected to disciplinary action when the student does not follow teachers or rules and regulations of the school Violations: 1. Negligence of homework. 2. Being absent without notice. 3. Late to school. 4. Disorderly conduct. 5. Disrespect towards authority. 6. Usage of vernacular language. 7. Uninterested in studies. 8. Absence from (assembly, tuition, karate class, work education class, prayers). 9. Unkempt hair. 10. Littering school. 11. Cruel teasing. 12. Disrespecting others. 13. Stealing others’ things. 14. Wearing improper/incomplete uniform. 15. Having meals in dormitory.

In case of violations of the above, the following action may be taken against him / her.

Procedure of Disciplinary Action:

Disciplinary Actions are intended to help the student to be successful academically and to correct any inappropriate behaviour.

1. Verbal warning: A student will be given warning verbally for committing any violation.

2. Written warning: In case of repetition of violations, it will be mentioned in the school diary.

3. Removal from Class- (if number of the violations reaches to 5, student will be removed from class for 1-3 days as per the seriousness of violation)

4. Suspension: If any student has been given the punishment of ‘Removal from Class’ thrice in an academic year or committed any serious violation, he/she will be suspended from school for 3-10 days as per the seriousness of violation.

5. Expulsion: After two suspensions or occurrence of any serious violation, the student’s admission will be cancelled and the expulsion will be recorded on the student’s Transfer Certificate.


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