Science Exhibition

Science-Arts exhibition 2021 successfully held at MAIS.

An Exhibition of Science and Arts has been held today as on 11.11.2021 at Maulana Azad International School on account of the celebration of National Education Day which is also the birthday of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the great educationist and former Minister of Education of Independent India. The exhibition was started at 09:00 am inaugurated by our Director of school Mohammad Rizwan’s valuable speech.

The school frontyard was beautifully decorated with flags and coloured papers. Queues of benches were also organized to display variety of models and project works ,such as- Drip irrrigation, Water Overflow Alarm, Photosynthesis, Human Excretory system, Acidic rain effects, Mini Bio-gas plant, Traffic signals, Evaporation, Taj Mahal, Stadium, corona situation, School Demo, Computer model and so on. The mentioned models are wonderfully prepared by the enthusiastic students with the help of concerned teachers. Students’ parents including VIPs were invited to this programme.All the model works were displayed with meticulous explanation in front of the chief guest and gurdians and local people.They all praised the students’ works.

Moreover, the students were felicitated for their distinguished ranks in Half-Yearly examination. Our principal Nasiruddin sir certified the students for their tremendous projects and model works. The local news reporter was also present in the event. Valuable speeches were delivered by many esteemed teachers. It is noteworthy that the students as well as parents are positively influenced and developped their confidence with such a wonderful exhibition. It was closed at 01:00 pm with a notable speech by Nasiruddin, principal of Maulana Azad international school.


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